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Chapter 10 Additional materials

1) Woodrow Wilson, The Fourteen Points, 1918 (in digital download)

They Shall Not Grow Old
Although it is only about British soldiers in WWI and not Americans, Peter Jackson’s 2018 documentary film is so outstanding that anyone interested in the day to day life (and death) of the soldiers should watch it. It doesn’t cover everything, nor does it pretend to, but the amount of time and care that went into it is staggering. Jackson winnowed through 100 hours of badly deteriorated, hand-cranked, silent, black and white footage to get two hours of final film. His team restored the film, colorized it accurately, then hired lip readers and hired actors to voice the long-dead soldiers. It is as close to a time machine as you can get.




The Fading Battlefields of World War One
It’s hard to believe that it has been 100 years. This eerie but beautiful photo essay shows the battlefields in 2018, and shows both how much has changed and how much the scars of the war still remain in Western Europe. It’s worth a look.