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Chapter 9 Additional materials

United State Geological Survey Site on the San Francisco Earthquake
The USGS is responsible for a range of activities, including earthquake and volcano science, but its original mandate was to map the American West, including Nevada. This part of its site is devoted to the 1906 earthquake, but the whole site is worth some exploration. Your tax dollars at work!

The Lincoln Highway Association
This is a non-profit group devoted to preserving the Lincoln Highway and its history. There is a Nevada chapter as well as a national organization. The site has tons of information, including an interactive Google map that allows you to see where the Lincoln Highway ran in terms of today’s streets. For example, much of 4th Street through Reno and the dirt road out of Verdi over to Truckee through Dog Valley was where the Lincoln Highway ran, but it also ran right through the gym where I go, so I get to do burpees and v-ups literally in the middle of America’s first transcontinental highway! (I don’t think anyone else at the gym knows this.)

The Lattimer Massacre
This is a brief site on the infamous massacre, but it has some really good period photos as well as a broken Google map. There isn’t a great deal of info online about the massacre. I went to Hazleton, PA myself to do research locally before I wrote the book. This is the next best thing.