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Chapter 7 Additional materials

Pyramid Lake Museum and Visitors Center
In Nixon, Nevada. This is a super-cool museum of Native American culture and history. It is well worth the drive.

The Original “Great Train Robbery” near Reno, Nevada!
There are a whole bunch of crimes that all claim to be “The Great Train Robbery,” but the original one took place between Reno and Verdi on November 5, 1870, and involved high-tech criminals using super-modern technology like telegraphs and steam engines! Nevada State Historical Marker 128 in Verdi commemorates the event, at the corner of Bridge Street and South Verdi Road (also the old Lincoln Highway from Chapter 9).

Oregon California Trail Association
Based in Missouri (where the trails began), this group does historical research and preservation work on the many branches of the Oregon and California Trails throughout the West. You can find their white fiberglass (Carsonite) marker posts marking the trail routes in nine states, including Nevada. The posts mark the actual route of the Donner Party (and other more successful groups) through Verdi and Dog Valley, among other places. It is possible to literally walk in the footsteps of the original emigrants all across Northern Nevada, and especially in the Reno/Tahoe area. (And if you are interested in materials and modern business, the company that makes those markers is www.carsonite.com.)

Trails West, Inc.
Another trail preservation society. They use large, sturdy steel posts made of railroad rails to mark pioneer trails. Their markers are all across the Truckee Meadows, including one in Mayberry Park, right at the corner of Aspen Glenn Drive and the Truckee-Pyramid Bikeway, and another right near TMCC.