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Beginning Algebra

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Beginning Algebra


Page 170, Prob. 3: In the first line of the solution, the first 4 should be an 8. In the second line of the solution, the 8 should be a 4.
Page 208, Prob. 4: There should not be a negative in front of the second 5 in the last line of the solution.

Page 276, Ex. 1.1.3:(49)/(841)

Page 277, Ex. 2.2.1: Factors should have y^(8) not y.
Page 283, Ex. 3.5.7: This is one possible solution. Answers can vary.
Page 284, Ex. 3.5.17: answer should be (c/a,0), (0,c/b).
Page 285, Ex. 3.6.21: (a) should be 7/12.

Page 287, Ex. 4.1.17: 20,375 should be 11,875.

Page 289, Ex. 4.2.19: 2880 should be 2400.
Page 290, Ex. 5.1.1: answer should read x=7 and y=8.