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If you are interested in publishing with us, please contact us at publish@reatextbooks.com
and a representative will contact you.


The price of your textbook or workbook will depend on a number of factors. These include: number of pages, binding, color vs. black and white, royalties, copyright clearing, copies sold per year, bookstore returns, desk copies, etc. If you have a price in mind for the students we can help you determine the appropriate options.


We can help you produce a variety of materials. These include: textbooks, workbooks, coursepacks, software, videos and ebooks.

Publish With Us

This will give you a rough idea of how the publishing process will go.

Make sure that you are writing your book in an acceptable format.  Most people use the standard 8 ½ by 11 page format in Microsoft Word.  The pages are printed double sided, so if you want blank backsides you must include blank pages.  You may want blank backsides if students need to remove pages and turn them in. If you are using Word please use the following fonts or be prepared to provide any additional fonts used.
Arial, Book Antiqua, Bookman Old Style, Century, Courier, Garamond, Palatino ,Tahoma, Times New Roman, Verdana, and Symbols.


Properly made pdfs will also work. Use THIS file to create pdfs in adobe acrobat. If creating your pdf in Word under options select ISO 19005-1 Compliant (PDF/A).


Make sure you include a copyright page.  This page simply needs to specify if all rights are reserved and who holds the copyright.  If you use open source material we can help you verify that your work is under the required license. An example of a simple copyright page is given below.

Please provide the text to be included on the cover.  A tasteful full-color cover will be designed for your textbook using the text you have provided. If you have a picture you would like to have on the cover we can accommodate you.


Do you want perfect bound (soft back textbook) or spiral bound?  Hard bound is available, but it is quite a bit more expensive and requires a different page format.


The default is for black and white interior pages, but color is available.  Color is substantially more expensive.


Let us know if you want us to include a royalty for either yourself or your department, and how much that royalty should be per book.


We will let you know when your textbook is ready for ordering.


Let us know if you need a desk copy, and where to send it.  Desk copies may only be ordered if the textbook is required in the course.


Order the textbook for your class as normal.  There is no ISBN number, but the bookstore can get all the information they need at http://www.reatextbooks.com/bookstore.html